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The 3 Stories Leaders Must Consistently Communicate To Inspire & Motivate

It’s the Power of Leadership Storytelling

Since the beginning of mankind oral storytelling was the medium that created and perpetuated cultures. Over time as different media took root, such as scratching on cave walls, writing on tablets, then subsequently paper and now computers, 21st Century tablets and smartphones, oral storytelling over time fell out of favor.

It’s starting to make a comeback.

Organizational leaders desirous of creating an inspired, motivated and engaged work environment need to go back to the future and become storytellers again.

There are three stories leaders must consistently tell to build the type of workforce and workplace culture that will deliver consistent performance results.

In this session attendees will explore the stories behind the three stories, see, hear and learn how the three stories interact together to inspire and motivate the workforce to achieve the organizations aspirations.

Your audience will learn:

  • The power and importance of storytelling to create a high-performance workplace culture.
  • The 3 types of stories they must tell consistently.
  • How the 3 types of stories interact to create the desired results.
  • Specific components to crafting each of the 3 stories so they connect, inspire and motivate.

Available seminar/workshop formats:

  • 45-75 minute conference keynote address

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