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Skip Weisman Professional Speaking Topic

Mastering the 3 Levels of Communication Influence

How the Best Leaders Become the Best Leaders

This engaging and interactive program topic will inspire audience members to understand the most important components of communication that will allow them to be most effective and successful.

Participants will learn the three most important contexts in which a business leader will find 90-95% of their communication needs, identify specific components within each context that cause the biggest problems and offer insights with strategies to overcome these communication challenges that are practical and immediately applicable.

Specific learning objectives for a opening keynote or breakout session:

  • The 3 different levels of communication business leaders face daily and must learn to master
  • The 2-3 critical communication components necessary to master each level of leadership communication
  • Insights and strategies to breakthrough those multi-level communication challenges
  • The primary communication skill that business leaders must master before anything else
  • An opportunity for self-assessment of each level of each leadership communication level
  • A personal comfort zone self-assessment for all audience members to identify the level at which they struggle most
  • A challenge to apply the 1% solution to accelerate growth in the one level they need to grow most

Available seminar/workshop formats:

  • 45-90 minute conference keynote address
  • 2-3 hour deep dive

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Testimonials from the ‘3 Levels of Communication Influence’ Session Attendees

“Skip’s presentation provided me with tools to improve my self-communication and my ability to influence others 1:1!”
Paul Hardin – Salt Lake City, UT

“Skip’s presentation changed the way I look at professional communications – they can be planned for success!”
Brenda Mantei – Hartford, CT

“Skip’s program is very well presented with easy to understand principles that apply to all situations which involve communication, which all do!”
Andrew Lovegrove – Salt Lake City, UT

“This was a great session that gave me several “aha” moments!”
Paula Raulinaitis – Hartford, CT