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The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication Sins

How Communication is Killing Positivity, Productivity & Profitability at Your Company

Recent research has shown that the average employee wastes a minimum of 40-minutes per day due to ineffective communication at a cost of $5220 per employee per year in lost productivity.

To help small business leaders begin to reduce that financial impact of ineffective communication in their workplace, this interactive, engaging and entertaining session introduces the seven biggest communication mistakes taking place in workplaces everyday.

These communication mistakes are the most common communication habits engaged in by the leaders of the largest Fortune 500 corporations, as well as the small business owner, workplace managers, project managers (with PMP certifications) and employees that cause most of the confusion, misunderstandings, and conflicts that limit productivity in today’s work environments.

In this program participants will easily be able to recognize and resonate with all seven communication sins, be able to identify specific ways they manifest and simple ways to turn around these negative and limiting communication habits.

Your Audience Members Will:

  • Discover the only 3 outcomes that can result from any communication and why two of them are to be avoided at all costs.
  • Learn the real dollars and cents cost of these communication mistakes to productivity and profits.
  • Explore the 7 most common and damaging interpersonal communication mistakes.
  • Examine the key reasons these communication mistakes occur.
  • Calculate the cost of ineffective communication at their company.
  • Leave with some simple strategies for overcoming these damaging communication mistakes and building new habits of communicating.

Available seminar/workshop formats:

  • 45-90 minute conference keynote address, conference breakout session seminar, or dinner meeting presentation, office “lunch and learn”
  • 2-3 hour deep dive

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Testimonials from the ‘7 Communication Sins’ Session Attendees

“YES! Skip’s session was quite motivational – made me want to be a more effective communicator!”
  Bonnie Brodowski – Director of Corporate & International Development  – Massachusetts Eye & Ear – Boston, MA

“YES! Skip delivered an engaging, enjoyable and fun, program that also provided concrete ways to become aware of areas where you can improve your communication!”
Marie Hood, Director of Training – Partners Healthcare – Boston, MA

“I thoroughly enjoyed Skip’s presentation that offered insights into different levels of communication skills, and especially liked, “a lack of specificity!”
Linda Meucci – Case Manager – Cambridge Health Alliance – Everett, MA

“Skip provided a great program that offered realistic communication interventions that will positively impact workplace productivity!”
Seanna Zimmerman – Director of Emergency Services – Southcoast Health – Boston, MA

“This IS an absolute MUST for everyone in the workplace!”
Ashley Lathrop – IAAO – Kansas City, MO

“This session was eye-opening and really ties the sins into everyday workplace behaviors most people aren’t even aware they are doing!”
Patrick Colvin – Director of Human Resources
Generator Media – New York, NY

“Skip provided a simple, direct formula for improving communications that everyone is capable of implementing.”
Kim Norris, V.P. of Administration
Glastender, Inc. – Saginaw, MI

“OMG! Things you don’t think about, Skip puts in appropriate context. It makes so much sense!”
Moham Acharya, Sr. Engineer – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“This was a great informative and entertaining program!”
Jon Bassford, VP – App Development Alliance – Washington, DC

“This was the most simple and most valuable session I ever attended!”
Moham Acharya, Sr. Engineer – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Very entertaining, but more importantly, TANGIBLE advice, we can act on right away!”
Anne Erdfelt – Charles Schwab

“Was really worthwhile, was the best session so far!”
Debbie Brown – Datacom

“I’m excited to bring these new skills back to my team to help facilitate stronger communication within our organization – all of these issues you brought to my attention are relevant, Skip, thanks!”
Jaime Paterno – Hartford, CT

“Skip, you made it simple to understand our communication issues and provided useful ideas for modifying our behaviors to be better leaders and communicators!”
Kathy Kiernan, Sr. VP – APPI Energy – Salisbury, MD

“This was a very engaging, entertaining and informative session!”
Niraj Someshwar – Hartford, CT

“This has been educational and motivational. I want to act on these strategies and feel I have the tools to do so!”Kristen Byrne – Williams & Sonoma

“Skip’s presentation opened my eyes in a natural, enjoyable way, not a typical lecture!”
Ra’Donna Osborne – Williams & Sonoma

“This was a great session! I can use this both personally and professionally!”
Donna Urban – Hartford, CT

“Skip, me and my team have found your session to have been the most valuable in an IT setting, as well as outside of the IT world. This is great for anyone!! I may even be introducing these 7 sins to my kids!”
Kalene Scharf – Network Operations Center – Clemson University

“Skip is an effective, entertaining speaker that makes the topic of ‘communication’ real and not theoretical.”
Nancy Todd – HR Manager – Omaha, Nebraska

“Skip’s presentation was engaging, encouraging, informative and empowering!”
Andrew Oliver – Poughkeepsie, NY

“Great speaker! Great energy and very well educated on this topic of communication!”
Steve Snyder – IT Director – Agribank

“Skip offered very practical communication ideas, his presentation was full of things I can use right away!”
Scarlett Hu – Asst. Director – J Paul Getty Trust

“This was very engaging, direct and to the point!”
Juliene Phelan – Portfolio Director – Hartford, CT

“Skip knocks it out of the park with his 7 communication sins presentation. It’s a home run!”
Jason Dunn – Director of Campus Technical Support

“This was a very entertaining presentation with examples and visuals to help us remember the material!”
Theresa Kimler, President – Total Project Consulting – Oakdale, MN 55128

“It was definitely worth the time to attend Skip’s presentation on the 7 communication sins!”
Dan Webster – Senior Service Desk Analyst – Greystone Managed Investments

“Skip, your presentation was clear, easy to understand and most importantly, RELEVANT!”
Pam Behrens, IS PO Coach – Michelin – Greenville, SC

“Skip’s presentation was informative and entertaining! I appreciated his very honest examples from his career!”
Erica Gable, Branch Manager – Associated Staffing, Inc.

“Great presentation, Skip, great information, too! Thanks!”
Jeannette Frazier, Payroll Administrator – Omaha, Nebraska

“Skip is an excellent presenter, very engaging!”
Guilaume Vachon – Sr. Manager, Projects – ATCO Electric

“Skip provided a very engaging and thought-provoking session!”
Salim Dhalla, PM – Starlin Consulting

“Skip’s was the best session of the day, for sure!”
Angie Hung, PM – The City of Calgary

“Great presentation! Skip is a great speaker that engages the audience!”
Luke Smith, Facilities Engineer –

“Engaging, relevant and directly useful! Absolutely applicable to daily work and personal life!”  Catherine Jones, Team Lead – Booz Allen Hamilton

“Skip is a fantastic speaker! He takes each of his points and makes it relevant to each person in the audience!”
Dayna McGeachy, Project Manager, Edmondon, Alberta, Canada

“Skip’s session on “The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins” was the most concise, most simple, and most valuable session I ever attended!”
Mohan Acharya, ESRD

“Skip is an excellent speaker and gave us an excellent presentation!”
John Baroudy, Western Economic Diversification

“I enjoyed Skip’s audience interaction, the personal experiences and stories he shared! I took home some good tips, too!”
Lee Prowse, MacEwan University

“In 50 minutes Skip gave me communication tools and techniques I can apply to improve my projects.”
Ryan Peterson – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Skip provided very valuable information for everyday life and give you confidence when it comes to communication in the workplace!”
Jaleya Leonard – International Assoc. of Fire Chiefs – Fairfax, VA

“What a great presentation, very engaging and realistic!”
Holly Tift – Boston, MA

“Skip is an engaging speaker, providing practical communication tips to improve team performance!”
Ed Anderson- Boston, MA

“Skip, your personal stories and acronyms to make your point will help me retain the techniques you offered us to make them easier to implement!”
Maxine Thao-  Minneapolis, MN

“Skip created a dynamic and engaging learning environment that will greatly enhance how I communicate with others!”
Jessica Wallach – Poughkeepsie, NY

“This session was ‘eye-opening,’ and I plan to apply what I have learned immediately!”
Matthew Lippincott – CIGNA