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The 4 Workplace Conversations

Why 75% of Workplace Conversations Wrong & How to Change It

There are only four possible conversations that can possibly occur in any workplace during the course of a workday. Unfortunately, three of those four are unproductive and could be detrimental to a positive, productive and profitable work environment.

This unique look at the dynamics of communication in the workplace and between co-workers, managers and company leaders, gives participants insight into how they are communicating, with whom and when, while providing specific tools to help move every conversation to become the “right” conversation.

Specific learning objectives for this session include:

  • The #1 communication issue preventing better workplace performance
  • The four different types of conversations taking place on in the workplace today
  • Why 75% of them are the “wrong” conversation
  • The #1 reason people continue to have the “wrong” conversations
  • The 1 “right” conversation that people all the time, every time, every day
  • A specific framework for moving “wrong” conversations towards the “right” conversations

Available seminar/workshop formats:

  • 45-90 minute conference keynote address, conference breakout session seminar, or dinner meeting presentation
  • 2-3 hour deep dive

“Skip, your program on “The 4 Conversations” was the BEST of the conference for me. You provided us with tools, tips, techniques, we could implement immediately to ensure we have more of the “right conversations.” You kept the audience engaged for a full 3-hours with a variety of activities that flowed perfectly! Meeting planners are going get huge value from Skip presenting at their event because he gets audience members to participate in, and contribute to, their own learning while they interact with his outstanding unique, practical communication and conversation content.”

Lorraine Sanders – Manager, Engineering Design – PacifiCorp – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Skip’s session on “The 4 Conversations” changed the way I see professional conversations – they CAN be planned for success!”

Paul Hardin – Senior Project Manager – Brigham Young University – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Skip, I loved how you kept the audience engaged and motivated throughout the three hour session. You presented great content with just the right amount of humor, while still being humble enough to task for feedback as a way to continue improving. You are inspirational!”

Rosa Pinto – PMI Northern Utah PDC Event – May 2016

“Skip session was great for me to help recognize issues in conversations and how we can ensure we have the right conversation with the right person more often!”

Tyler Tholen – PMI Northern Utah PDC Event – May 2016

“Skip, your session was one of the more valuable ones I have had here, especially when it comes to immediate application of the strategies you offered us. It was a very well rounded session to help build people into better people and better managers. I really liked how you engaged the group through multiple mediums that allowed the audience to participate and learn in different ways. Your presentation style made it easy for people to stay engaged even on day three of our three day conference, which is often difficult to do. “

Jacy Thompson – Financial Analyst – LDS Church – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Skip, your presentation was really interesting and hugely valuable as I have a whole new set of tools I can use for my varied communication needs immediately. The way you presented the content between your stories, your worksheets, your exercises was tremendously engaging, it was all there! Anyone, at any level, can and should experience what you know and what you teach on communication because it will make a difference!”

Amy Randall – Project Manager – Western Governors University – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Skip, you did a great job keeping everyone engaged and motivated to learn in the session, the 3-hours just flew by. Your presentation style that included your personal stories with real life business experiences added to our experience and learning, plus you were able to bring a wealth of knowledge to address specific attendees issues that may have been off the material but relevant to everyone within the context of the topic, which was impressive to me. I would recommend you and your programs to any meeting planner or organization that wants their employees to improve communication to get on the same page, to build trust and to interact with each other better, because you and your program is OUTSTANDING!!”

David Findlay – IT Project/Product Manager – Western Governors University – Salt Lake City, Utah

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