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About Skip – Professional Keynote Speaker


“Skip is a great speaker! He held my attention the entire time at the end of a long day, and no dessert!”

Liz Borman, Asst. HR Manager – City of Urbana – Urbana, Illinois

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Skip_GreensboroBaseballCardAt the age of seven, Skip walked hand-in-hand with his dad on Father’s Day across the Shea Stadium (former home of the New York Mets) parking lot into his first Major League Baseball game, and he was hooked.

From that day it became Skip’s dream to be a Major League ballplayer. That dream was cut short by a lack of athletic talent, but his focus and determination led to a 20-year professional baseball career leading teams from the front office.

Fifteen years after his first New York Mets game Skip walked into his first job in professional baseball, and four years later, at the age of just 26 Skip was promoted to CEO of his first franchise.

As a young professional baseball executive Skip made every leadership and workplace communication mistake in the book.

Those hard learned on-the-job small business leadership and workplace communication lessons have become the foundation of Skip’s signature talk topics you’ll read about below, and the strategies he works with today’s small business leaders to create championship caliber company performance.

Having achieved all desired in his professional baseball ambition Skip decided, after 20 seasons it was time to fulfill another dream, professional speaking. He has since devoted his second career to fulfilling his new professional dream of applying a sports metaphor to helping business professionals create championship caliber performance in themselves, their teams, and their companies!

Some facts about me:

    • Have spoken to more than 20,000 business professionals at more than 100 professional business conferences and events since 2012.
    • 95% of audience members say they want to attend another session of mine after experiencing me SkipAnneWedding_053103the first time.
    • My Championship Company Blog has more than 10,000 subscribers (click here to sample & subscribe)
    • I’ve been of member of the National Speakers Association since 2005 and a certified World Class Speaking Coach since 2014.
    • I’m married to my best friend, Anne Saylor (this photo is from the day we were married in 2003 on the beach at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine).
    • I have much less hair than I did in my early baseball leadership days.
    • Bruce Springsteen, Anthony Robbins and Andy Kaplan are my inspiration and motivation for success.

AlysonPitman“Skip, your session was the perfect balance of inspiration and practicality!”

Alyson Pitman, Banking Industry Privacy & Data Breach Manager – PMI Central Alabama – Birmingham, Alabama

RoxyKolev“Skip, everyone loved your keynote presentation! You gave them practical ideas to take back to their workplace. You were also wonderful to work with and we will definitely have you back!”

Roxy Kolev, Conference Chair & Speaker Coordinator – Nebraska State SHRM Conference – Omaha, Nebraska


Meeting Planners

It’s long been said that communication is the key to leadership. Yet, “communication” is rarely defined so organizational leaders can build skills to develop habits to communicate to motivate.

Skip Weisman has developed his speaking topics around the core communication concepts, skills and techniques today’s business leaders know to be able to communicate to motivate.

garry-williams“When I first came to you and said, ‘I have a problem and don’t know what it is.’ You said that sounds like a communication problem. And, that’s exactly what it turned out to be. You know you’re stuff!”

Garry Williams, Owner – Utility Survey Company – Washingtonville, NY (7 employees)

Meeting planners are encouraged to know that audience members continue to say his keynotes and seminars balance “practicality with inspiration” making it believable for audiences to take back his championship caliber workplace communication strategies to their own work environment to create more positive, more productive and even more profitable companies.

The Society for Human Resource Management, the Project Management Institute, the IT Service Management, engineering associations, chambers of commerce, small business advocacy associations regularly book Skip for their events as a keynote speaker, general session seminar presenter and for breakout session programs.

Your peers and colleagues love that speaking engagements are energizing, engaging, and entertaining that always feature a variety of short, pithy, interactive activities and include personal, authentic stories that reflect on teachable moments from Skip’s 20-year professional baseball leadership career.

This is why 95% audience members say they would want to attend another of Skip’s presentations at another event.

So, if you have a corporate meeting or an association conference that would benefit from “practicality & inspiration” to motivate business leaders and employees alike, let’s talk.

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4 Program Options for You
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Mastering the 3 Levels of
Communication Influence:
How the Best Leaders Become the Best Leaders

This presentation is a spinoff from Skip’s seminal work on The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication Sins and leads audience members through the only three specific development contexts they need to focus to transform their communication skills to lead their small business teams.

The best leaders are masters of communication and everyone can and should be a leader in their own right in any organization. The right application of communication skills in these three levels allows team members to realize that leadership is not a job description but a mindset 0515PMINAC_Conference2420and approach to their role. Mastery of communication allows people to exert positive influence, yet, too many frontline employees, entry level managers and even senior organization leaders take communication for granted, limiting their ability to exert positive influence at the highest levels and being able to feel like they are making a difference.

Session attendees will learn that 100% of their communication needs fit within these three levels of communication influence and how one (or more) of the three levels are always at play. Understanding these levels of communication influence is vital to creating a high-performing team.

Session attendees will explore all three levels, learn the specific components in each, and be challenged to assess their needs, comfort, and capabilities to identify and commit to specific areas for growth.

Inspirational with personal stories from Skip’s 20-year baseball management career, instructional with content outlining the specific components of each leadership communication level, and challenging with a personal self-assessment, this interactive, content-rich keynote is an engaging experience for any audience. Small business owners, human resource professionals, project managers, IT service management team leaders, partners in CPA & engineering firms have all raised their communication capabilities.

JenniferAdams“Skip, your session was my favorite at this year’s Nebraska State SHRM Conference!”

Jennifer Adams, HR Director – Behavorial Health Systems – Omaha, Nebraska


Your Audience Will Learn:

    • The Communication Influence Pyramid – outlining the 3 levels of communication business leaders must master to maximize individual and organizational results, and personal and professional success.
    • The 1 communication level necessary for ANY and ALL success.
    • The communication level necessary to build personal trust (quickly) and maintain it.
    • The communication level necessary for rapid growth and expansive influence.
    • Their own comfort zone when it comes to communicating across these three levels.
    • A personal “Communication Influence Pyramid Self-Assessment
    • A challenge to apply the 1% Solution to accelerate growth.

Download program description in PDF form (right click & select “save file as”)

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The 3 Stories Leaders Must Consistently Communicate to Inspire & Motivate:
It’s the Power of Leadership Storytelling

Since the beginning of mankind oral storytelling was the medium that created and perpetuated cultures. Over time as different media took root, such as scratching on cave walls, writing on tablets, then subsequently paper and now computers, 21st Century tablets and smartphones, oral storytelling over time fell out of favor.

It’s starting to make a comeback.

Organizational leaders desirous of creating an inspired, motivated and engaged work environment need to go back to the future and become storytellers again.

There are three stories leaders must consistently tell to build the type of workforce and workplace culture that will deliver consistent performance results.

In this session attendees will explore the stories behind the three stories, see, hear and learn how the three stories interact together to inspire and motivate the workforce to achieve the organizations aspirations.

Your audience will learn:

    Your audience will learn:

    • The power and importance of storytelling to create a high-performance workplace culture.
    • The 3 types of stories they must tell consistently.
    • How the 3 types of stories interact to create the desired results.
    • Specific components to crafting each of the 3 stories so they connect, inspire and motivate

Download program description in PDF form (right click & select “save file as”)

Professional Speaking Testimonial for Leadership, Teamwork & Workplace Communciation Expert Skip Weisman“You really inspired me! Your keynote address gave me the guts to begin shouting from the mountaintop…

‘Hire me, I am good at what I do!’ ”

Mark Curtis, TV Anchor, Reporter, Political Analyst & Author
– San Francisco, CA

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The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication Sins:
How Poor Communication Kills Company Profits in Small Business

SkipSpeakingEditRecent research has shown that the average employee wastes a minimum of 40-minutes per day due to ineffective communication at a cost of $5220 per employee per year in lost productivity.

To help small business leaders begin to reduce that financial impact of ineffective communication in their workplace, this interactive, engaging and entertaining session introduces the seven biggest communication mistakes taking place in workplaces everyday.

These communication mistakes are the most common communication habits engaged in by the leaders of the largest Fortune 500 corporations, as well as the small business owner, workplace managers, project managers (with PMP certifications) and employees that cause most of the confusion, misunderstandings, and conflicts that limit productivity in today’s work environments.

In this program participants will easily be able to recognize and resonate with all seven communication sins, be able to identify specific ways they manifest and simple ways to turn around these negative and limiting communication habits.

Your audience will learn:

    • Discover the only 3 outcomes that can result from any communication and why two of them are to be avoided at all costs.
    • Learn the real dollars and cents cost of these communication mistakes to productivity and profits.
    • Explore the 7 most common and damaging interpersonal communication mistakes.
    • Examine the 3 key reasons these communication mistakes occur.
    • Calculate the cost of ineffective communication at their company.
    • Simple strategies for overcoming these damaging communication mistakes and building new habits of communicating.

Download program description in PDF form (right click & select “save file as”)

marshagordonWe were thrilled with your presentation, as were our members. I have heard tremendous positive feedback!”

Marsha Gordon, President/CEO – The Business Council of Westchester – White Plains, NY

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The 4 Workplace Conversations:
Why 75% Of Your Workplace Conversations Are Wrong & How To Change It

There are only four possible conversations that can possibly occur in any workplace during the course of a workday. Unfortunately, three of those four are unproductive and could be detrimental to a positive, productive and profitable work environment.

This unique look at the dynamics of communication in the workplace and between co-workers, managers and company leaders, gives participants insight into how they are communicating, with whom and when, while providing specific tools to help move every conversation to become the “right” conversation.

Your audience will learn:

    • The #1 communication issue preventing better workplace performance.
    • The four different types of conversations taking place on in the workplace today.
    • Why 75% of them are the “wrong” conversation.
    • The #1 reason people continue to have the “wrong” conversations.
    • The 1 “right” conversation that people must strive to have every time, every day.
    • A specific framework for moving “wrong” conversations towards the “right” conversations.

BobSmering“At our fall conference Skip received the highest reviews of all six speakers, so we brought him back to keynote our spring professional development day. It was the highest attended spring professional development day we’ve ever had and it got great reviews!”

Bob Smering, Director of Professional Development – PMI Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

Download program description in PDF form (right click & select “save file as”)

All Programs Available As:

  • Keynotes
  • Breakouts
  • Half Day or Full Day Strategic Work Sessions (maximum 6 hours)
  • Facilitated process as part of a larger consulting experience

Ready to have a championship caliber speaker inspire your audience to communicate like champions?

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